Monday, July 6, 2009

Kristina Kostova 1977-2009

We just were informed that this morning, 6 July, Kristina Kostova died in a tragic car accident.
Kristina Kostova was known to us as a friend and as the president of the organisation of the young Vlachs in Macedonia – the Vlach Youth Council of Macedonia.
During the last years she has led the organisation into the Youth of European Nationalities, and she participated in several of our activities. With her we lose an inspiring motor for the Vlach youth in Macedonia and beyond. Together with Kristina and other Vlach youth in Macedonia, Albania and Romania, we were preparing our main seminar of 2010, which is about to be organised in Ohrid.
Our thoughts are with the family of Kristina, Stefanos, her parents, Aleksandar, Aura and with the members of the Vlach community.

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