Tuesday, May 27, 2008

YEN Info-Aromanian National Day

Aromanian National Day

Over 1500 delegates of The Armãn Community from Romania (out of over 6500 members) went to Bucharest on 23rd of May to celebrate “The Armãns’ National Day” under the slogan ”Dats cali!”. People came from all over Romania to celebrate and also to express their support for Armãn language: Bucharest, Constanta, Tulcea, Slobozia, Calarasi, Timisoara.
The celebration started with Extraordinary General Assembly of The Armãn Community from Romania, at the Parliament Palace – Alexandru Ioan Cuza Hall. Two Resolutions were adopted on this occasion by which The Armãn Community from Romania:-expressed its decision to invest the competent judicial authorities so that the Armãns obtain all the rights specific to the national minorities-addressed a call towards all Armãns’ organizations across Balkans & Europe in order to promote and assert the Armãns’ identity.
Representatives of Armãns from abroad (France, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Germany and Albania) as well as official guests from different institutions/organizations (PER, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Labour, Macedonia Embassy, Ministry of Education, Scholar Inspectorate of Bucharest, etc) attended the event.
People of all ages were in attendance, children, teenagers, adults and pensioners acting to show the vitality of the Armãn language and how strongly speakers feel about future language development.
The event continued in the Constitution Square with an Armãn show. Different groups of kids from all our organization subsidiaries, as well as well-known Armãn singers and dancers from Romania & Macedonia performed for this event. At the end of the show, the „Armanamea” footbal team was presented to the audience. This team will participate to theEUROPEADA - the soccer tournament for autochthonous national minorities in Europe (Switzerland, June 2008). The activities were closed by a impressive choir - specific to the Armãn community – bringing together almost all participants (around 2500 people).
The whole event was organized with the great support of “The Youth Armãn Council”.

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