Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Creating a network

THESSALONIKI, GREECE 15-16 December 2007

16-21 October, 2007, YEN seminar, the Netherlands

The last YEN seminar was organized by the Freisan youth organization on the island of Skylge, the Netherlands, with the title 'Are minorities islands or not?"

There were participants from 17 European youth organizations among which the Vlach youth organizations: VYC of Macedonia, CATRM (Consiliul a Tinirlor Armanj dit Romanii) and the Vlach Youth Council of Albania.

20-27 August, 2007 Constanta, Romania

“ DISCOVER LIVE! “ Action 3.1-youth exchange

This seminar was organized by The Aromanian Community from Romania- youth department. The main aim of the project was to experience diversity and intercultural dialogue through artistic means of expression. The seminar was realized with the support of “ Youth in Action “Program and the European Commission. Representatives from Romania, Albania, Greece and from Macedonia (7 young people) attended this seminar. 

26 March – 1 April, 2007 Bran and Bucharest , Romania 


This seminar was organized by CTARM from Romania

The seminar gathered 20 young people-Vlachs from Macedonia-with interest in all subjects concerning Vlach people. Together with CTARM they discussed the possibilities for setting up a similar working group in Macedonia

The aim of this seminar was to consolidate the relationship between the Vlach youngsters from Macedonia and those from Romania in order to better accomplish the social and cultural objectives of the organization. Some of these objectives are:

-To organize cultural and educational events, to present our tradition and customs to everybody that has an interested in it.

-To encourage the use of the Vlach language, especially among young people.

-To create a multicultural frame that would allow youngsters to share their cultural heritage.

-To better know our history.

-To promote the Vlach identity since an ethnic group faces disappearance if it does not have well defined identity and does not fight for preserving and promoting it.

4-10 September, 2006 Constanta, Romania


Training course for young leaders in South East Europe.

This was a Regional Course for Young Leaders From Balkans organized by The Aromanian Community from Romania-youth department. 

The main aim of the course was to develop competences of youth leaders of minority communities in the Balkan area in human rights education and intercultural dialogue. The program was based on “ Compass-a manual on human rights education with young people “ and “ Education Pack “. 

The training course was realized with the support of European Youth Foundation and represents an integral part of “ all different-all equal “ European Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation (2006-2007), launched by the Council of Europe.

There were representatives from Romania, Albania, Bulgaria and from Macedonia (3 young people) on this seminar.

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