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Summer school Hungary

Representations of the Past: The Writing of National Histories in Europe (NHIST)
Institute for Social and European Studies
Köszeg, Hungary
30 June -6 July 2008
Deadline: 15 December 2007

The five-year European Science Foundation-funded Scientific Programme"Representations of the Past: The Writing of National Histories inEurope (NHIST)" runs since 2003.
It aims to
- analyse in depth national historiographies and their relationship towider national historical cultures,
- study systematically the construction, erosion and reconstruction ofnational histories across a wide variety of European states,
- bridge the existing historiographical gap within Europe by bringingtogether the histories of Western and Eastern Europe,
- combine cultural transfer and comparative approaches in examining therelationship between national historiographies and national historicalcultures.

The programme is the collaborative effort of more than one hundredscholars from around 30 European countries. Its agenda is beingimplemented by four teams occupied with
- the institutions, networks and communities which produced nationalhistories and were themselves influenced by the idea of national history(Team 1)
- the construction, erosion and reconstruction of national histories intheir relationship with competing representations structured by thesocial cleavages in a society (Team 2)
- national histories and their relationship with regional, European andworld histories (Team 3)
- the national histories in their spatial relationships and mutualinterdependency with other national histories (Team 4)
For more details please see the programme's website:
www.uni-leipzig. de/zhsesf
The aim of the summer school is to promote the results of the NHISTprogramme to the next generation of academics across Europe and toidentify new projects and researchers in the history of historiographyusing comparative and cultural transfer approaches. Leading NHISTscholars who will be present at the summer school include ProfessorStefan Berger (University of Manchester), Professor Christoph Conrad(Université de Genevé), Professor Chris Lorenz (Vrije UniversiteitAmsterdam), Dr. Frank Hadler (Geisteswissenschaf tliches Zentrum fürGeschichte und Kultur Ostmitteleuropas) , Professor Ilaria Porciani(Università di Bologna).
If you think your work fits in the NHIST remit and you would like topresent aspects of it at the summer school we look forward to hearing>from you!
Travel Costs are reimbursed up to a maximum of EUR250, accommodation,including meals, is provided. The trip includes one day of sightseeingin Budapest (5th July). The group will have a final dinner, stay for thenight and depart the next day from Budapest.Please send a 100 word CV and a 300 word abstract of your proposed papervia email to:
Sven de Roode
ESF NHIST Programme Coordinator
School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures
University of Manchester
Email: Sven.DeRoode@ manchester. ac.uk

Abstract and CV should reach the programme coordinator by 15 December2007. The executive group of the NHIST will select the participants ofthe summer school and the programme coordinator will inform successfulapplicants by the end of February 2008 at the latest. In case ofwithdrawals a list of additional potential students will apply.
Sven de RoodeUniversity of Manchester0044 161 236 93 25
Sven.DeRoode@ manchester. ac.uk
Homepage www.uni-leipzig. de/zhsesf

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