Sunday, October 14, 2007

About us

The Vlach Youth Council from Macedonia is a non-political, non-profitable youth organization founded to promote, maintain and develop the Vlach language, tradition and cultural heritage.

It stands up for the needs and the rights of the Vlach minority as well as for the rights and needs of all the other minorities in Europe.

It strives to promote, explain, practice and defend the intercultural values, the values of diversity and the values of a democratic civic society.

The VYC engages itself in initiating and realizing civic activities at local and national level which lead towards better informing the citizens of their legal rights and obligations.

It works to eliminate communication and information barriers.

The members of the VYC, who are volunteers, create projects, organize educational and cultural activities, study trips and also participate in seminars organized by other youth organizations abroad.

The VYC works to become active member of the European network of similar youth organizations.