Saturday, October 6, 2007

Vlach Language Course

The Vlach Youth Council in cooperation with the Chamber of Vlach Businessmen MANDRA since October 2006 from Skopje organizes courses for learning Vlach language. The lessons are conducted by Ms Daniela Gjorgieva once per week, every Thursday, from 19-20.30h.

The classes are held in a classroom where MANDRA is located (Aerodrom, Skopje). Presently there are about 15-20 regular students that attend the lessons and we hope that their number becomes greater. The main purpose of this project is to give young Vlach people the possibility to learn the language of their parents.

The Vlach language school is looking forward to enrolling more enthusiastic people regardless of age, and encourages them to come, visit and eventually frequent our lessons.

Now we have an opening for a teacher of Vlach and we encourage all interested candidates to contact us at our e-mail address:

Vlach language lessons in Skopje.

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Santiago Brovanotti said...

Shtits armaneashti va s-dzaca. Am shi mini un sots cari vrea s-anveatsa armaneashti. Putets sa-nj dzatsets cum poati s-yina la cursuri? Haristo multu di nainti. Asteptu apandisea voastra. Avets adresa mea di mail.